Why Choose Us

  1. Clay Fields is a comprehensive horticultural and gardener business whether it is one-off or regular maintenance, plant or soil advice, plant sourcing, plantings & irrigation work you need go no further than us for top class service.
  2. We are local to Bayside, from Mordialloc to Mentone to Hampton to Port Melbourne but will also work in south-eastern and eastern suburbs.
  3. We have four years’ broad garden experience.
  4. Possessing a high-level horticultural qualification – Masters degree in Urban Horticulture –
    • this combined with our experience and continuous research, means we know a lot about plants, whether it be trees, shrubs, ground covers, strappy plants and grasses,
      • so our maintenance, plant and soil work is extensively knowledge-based,
        • so, we know what works & importantly what doesn’t.
  5. This leads to finely-tuned outcomes
  6. Use Clay Fields – your garden will never look better.

For All Your Garden Needs

If you have a garden need, simply call us