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There is a lawn-mowing service near you, but that’s not all.

At Clay Fields Hort we offer a wide variety of highly skilled services from mowing and pruning to expert advice and all the way to garden rejuvenation.

We offer variety of garden landscaping services in brighton.

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Local Lawn and Garden Maintenance Services Melbourne

lawn and garden maintenance services

Commercial Landscape Gardening & Services/Horticulturist Melbourne

Commercial landscape gardener-horticulturist Melbourne

Lawn mowing, slashing & weed removal

Mowing, slashing & weed removal

Pruning, Hedging & Mulching

Pruning, hedging & mulching

Shrub moving/removing

Shrub moving/removing

Cutting Back Shrubs and Small Trees

Cutting back small – medium trees

Garden Irrigation – Repair

Garden irrigation – fix & install

Expert advice on plants & soils

Expert advice on plants & soils

Gardens Rejuvenating

Rejuvenating gardens

Plant Sourcing & Selection/planting

Plant sourcing/planting

For All Your Garden Needs

If you have a garden need, simply call us