Shrub moving/removing

Shrub moving/removing
    1. Clay Fields supply shrub moving/relocating and removing services in Hampton along with other Bayside suburbs –
      • our care, experience, knowledge produce strong results which don’t impact other plants or underground services.
    2. Shrub in the wrong place or needed in another part of the garden?
      • we can move expertly –
        • so shrub not only survives but thrives in its new position.
    3. Shrub dying, dead or no longer wanted?
      • we can remove expertly to your green-waste bin or off-site:
        • with stump & roots being reduced & dug up
          • or killed with an appropriate herbicide, at safe levels.
    4. With the use of the right tools & techniques by Clay Fields,
      • it will not be obvious that a translocation or removal has even taken place. So, we provide shrub moving services hampton.
    5. Your place will stand out
      please see our Work Samples and Work Samples 2 for some stunning results of our work.

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