Gardens Rejuvenating

Rejuvenating gardens
    1. Clay Fields will rejuvenate your garden & provide landscape gardeners services in Melbourne, Sandringham, Brighton, Hampton and nearby Bayside locations.
    2. Your garden looking a bit tired, overgrown or with plants now unsuitable or not thriving?
      • we can help
        • you can look to us to rejuvenate it.
    3. So, need someone with our broad knowledge and experience in this area to replace plants?
      • …with compatible native &/or exotic plants that are
        • ecologically suitable
        • & quality stock from our wholesale suppliers
    4. How do Clay Fields also rejuvenate?
      • we can trim
      • we can mulch
        • with materials like pine bark chips, straw, pebbles…
      • we can put in small-scale attractive rocks
        • such as pink granite, mudstone, Castella rock…
    5. Anything else?
      • we can improve your soil
      • we can sort out plant insect & fungal problems
      • we can fix & install irrigation.
    6. Want to check out results of our rejuvenation, landscaping work and garden maintenance Melbourne?
      • please go to
        • Work Samples
          • for ‘before’ & ‘after’ photo sets # 1, 2, 4 & 5
        • & Work Samples 2
          • for ‘before’ & ‘after’ photo sets # 2, 3 & 6.

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