Pruning, Hedging & Mulching

Pruning, hedging & mulching
    1. Clay Fields have tree pruning and hedging services bayside hampton and other locations in Bayside (along with locations in the south-east and east)
      • we also mulch.
    2. Your shrub needs a tidy?
      • Your shrub needs shaping?
        • You were going to prune your shrub but it got away from you?
          • we can help – with our high-level urban horticulture qualification & broad experience
            • we will do a quality job
              • with techniques that are safe for the shrub’s health.
    3. You have a hedge that needs trimming & reshaping?
      • whether it is Box, Privet, Pittosporum Tenuifolium ‘Silver Sheen’, Murraya, Jasmine, Sweet Viburnum, Westringia, Photinia, Osmanthus, Portuguese Laurel or whatever plant you are using
        • we will mechanically & where needed manually trim &/or shape the hedge expertly and carefully.
    4. You have grouped plants that you want turned into a hedge?
      • have us mulch –
        • we will carefully apply mulch to the optimum depth
          • using pine bark, eucy, bright pebbles, pea straw or your choice from our suppliers (delivered or in bags)
            • or with your own material.
    5. Want to see results of our mulching and tree pruning and hedging services bayside hampton work?

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