Plant Sourcing & Selection/planting

Plant sourcing/planting
    1. Clay Fields are planters who planting gardens in Brighton, Hampton and other locations in Bayside, along with locations in the south-east and east.
    2. Do you want the best looking, most functional and best blended native and/or exotic plants in your garden?
      • using ecological plant selection principles from the urban horticulture qualification and plant and soils experience
        • we select plants,
          • whether trees, shrubs, succulents, herbaceous perennials, climbers, ground covers, strappy plants or ornamental grasses
            • that suit the site and the conditions perfectly.
    3. We even do fruit trees!
    4. You want the best plants at the best cost?
      • we source plants from high quality wholesale suppliers.
    5. You want your plants off to a good start?
      • we plant with care
        • and use an appropriate combination of plant stimulant and fertiliser.
    6. Plus if a grouping – we ensure appropriate themes and the plants complementing each other.
    7. You get the same service whether it is one plant or many
      • and whether it is a new planting or replacement.
    8. We look forward to working with you.
    9. Your place will stand out

    Plant sourcing

    Good planting design involves two different but complementary approaches –

    “One is the ability to see each plant as a whole individual, with all its characteristics, and the other is to be able to subordinate the individual plant to the picture as a whole”, Sylvia Crowe, noted English garden designer & landscape advisor.

    To this end – good planting design requires “clear objectives, a planting strategy and plant selection”, James Hitchmough, English ecological planting design expert.

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