Lawn mowing, slashing & weed removal

Mowing, slashing & weed removal
    1. Clay Fields do local lawn mowing and gardening services in Mentone and other locations in Bayside (along with locations in the south-east and east) and other areas, such as slashing and weed removal –
      • our care, experience, and knowledge produce a high quality lawn appearance.
    2. Unsightly weeds in your lawn competing with your grass?
      • we will remove those by selective spraying or by hand.
    3. Lawn heavily overgrown?
      • we can slash back to a maintainable state
    4. Lawn edges really untidy?
      • we trim back to a neat line.
    5. Persistent weeds in your garden beds competing with your desirable plants?
      • we can remove these by sustainable and precise spraying or by hand.
    6. Find noisy petrol mowers and line-edgers distracting?
      • Clay Fields use a powerful but quiet high-torque cordless mower and a comparably quiet cordless high-rev line-edger.
    7. Annoyed with clippings left behind impairing the appearance of your lawns?
      • we very efficiently catch clippings and green-waste bin or remove them off-site.
    8. Your place will stand out

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