Garden Irrigation – Fix & Install

Garden irrigation – fix & install
    1. Clay Fields provide a garden irrigation system installation and garden watering system. It also provides grass cutting services in Bayside, along with locations in the south-east and east.
      • we provide long-term, expert solutions to your irrigation needs
        • especially in these dry times.
    2. Your current set-up leaking or completely/partly blocked?
      • whether drip &/or micro-spray system, we can replace or repair.
    3. Some or all of your micro-sprays (where applicable) not working properly?
      • we can fix the micro-sprays
        • or if need be, replace them.
    4. You have no irrigation
      • but want consistent, targeted watering along with a hosing-free approach
        • we can install drip &/or micro-spray systems
          • incorporating easy-to-use tap timers or high-level controllers.
    5. You can expect your overall water usage over time to be less
      • and your plants will thrive.
    6. Your place will stand out

For All Your Garden Needs

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