Expert advice on plants & soils

Expert advice on plants & soils
    1. Clay Fields – amongst our services, are advisers on plants and soils advisors in Hampton and other Bayside locations (along with locations in the south-east and east).
    2. Have plants that are not thriving or do not seem suitable for the site and conditions?
      • it may be your plant’s not well or alas, not a good specimen
      • or plant selection
      • or the soil…
    3. Need advice then?
      • based on our broad experience and premium qualification in the urban horticulture area
        • we can advise on
          • improving a plant’s health;
          • plant replacement;
          • what plants will work for the site & conditions;
          • what plants will go with other plants;
          • where irrigation may be needed;
          • your soil nutrient level;
          • how to ameliorate your soil
            • (soils & soil structure vary vastly across Melbourne)
              • based on observation, testing &/or soil profile research;
    4. Our outcomes speak for themselves – you can rely on our advice.
    5. Your place will stand out

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