Do You Know the Types of Lawn Grass?

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For most of our countrymen grass is grass but in reality, there is more to grass than meets the eye. Not all lawns and turfs are the same, and therefore it is highly recommended to go for professional guidance. Are you tired of looking at your old, worn out and ripped lawn? Well, then it’s time to change this with Clay Fields. At Clay Fields, we understand the tranquillity a garden brings to your home. We provide you with various gardening service in Mentone including shrub moving and removing, garden irrigation, pruning, hedging and mulching, plant sourcing and planting. We also assist in rejuvenating gardens and bringing life to your backyard with the best lawn mowing services. For a healthy and happy backyard, you need to select the right grass for your turf because your backyard is more than just a big green patch. It is a place your children would spend their outdoor playtime and your pets would have a gala time. It is, therefore, a crucial decision to pick up the best grass for your lawn and gardeners in mentone. Every lawn type behaves differently in different weather conditions. Here are the different types of grass that you can choose for your lawn. Remember choosing the right type of grass will save you a lot of money in the future.

Kikuyu Grass

Having derived its name from the most populous ethnic group in Kenya, Kikuyu grass is one of the most durable and economical lawn grass. Kikuyu grass is perfect for Australian homes and it loves the warm climate and thrives in full sun.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is infamous for being incredibly irritating and scratchy. The soft leaf buffalo grass, however, makes up for an incredibly lush and soft lawn if maintained properly. Buffalo grass is durable, easy to grow and maintain. This type of grass does well in both summer and winter. It is also ideal for high-traffic situations like a family yard.

Couch Grass

Couch grass is relatively cheaper and can make your lawn look great if maintained correctly. Couch grass stays relatively vibrant in all seasons, however, while mowing special care should be taken. It holds against all the wear and tear and can even repair itself quickly.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is not that popular in our country but slowly it has started gaining recognition as an attractive option for Australian lawns. Zoysia grass is known for being incredibly soft, with no chance of irritating or scratching the skin. Zoysia grass grows slows and is ideal for sports field and schools.

Tall Fescue

If you are looking for instant lawn options, then tall fescue is your ideal choice. Tall fescue is a pre-grown grass and can be rolled out on top of soil or pre-existing grass. It can adapt to a wide range of soil conditions and climates and even cope up with a moderate level of traffic.

Remember, in the end, you should always pick up a grass type based on what would work best with your yard. If you are facing any difficulty in choosing the grass type of your backyard, just call us on 0408 959 822. We are your perfect gardeners in Mentone.

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