7 Steps to Mow the Lawn Right!

7 Steps to Mow the Lawn Right!

Lawn mowing may sound the easiest garden maintaining task but mastering it and getting it done right is a difficult challenge that most of the Australians face. Everyone loves a beautiful luscious green lawn but most of us have very less amount of time for its maintenance. At Clay fields, we understand the busy Australian schedule and how difficult it would be to maintain the law. We are one of the best gardeners and landscaper in Sandringham and here is a step by step procedure from our experts that would assist you in saving time and getting your lawn healthy.

Step 1 – Get the Right Equipment

The very first thing that needs to be done is to get the right mower. Research well and then buy the best lawn mower based on your needs, whether it be battery or petrol -operated. For example, check out site – www.choice.com.au.

Step 2 – Keep Your Equipment Well-maintained

The next step is to make sure your lawnmower is in good condition like all the parts are assembled correctly and in working condition. Check your gas-powered lawn mover has enough gasoline and oil in it. Additionally, make sure that the blades of the mower are sharpened. You can do it yourself or seek assistance from someone who knows to do it.

Step 3 – Clean Your Lawn of Obstacles

The third step is to get your yard cleared of all obstacles. You can start by picking up loose rocks, branches and anything else that could harm the blades of the mower. Remember the unwanted obstacles can either damage the blades or get flung by the mower. So its always better to try to pick up as much as obstacles possible.

Step 4 – Adjust the Wheel Height

Before you start mowing, you need to make sure that your wheel height is adjusted correctly. You can do this with the lever on the side of the back and the front wheels. All you need to do is pull the lever. Pulling the lever down will lower the wheels and pull the lever up will raise it. The exact mechanics of the lever would depend on mower you have but pulling the lever up and down was the most common. In addition to this, remember different types of grass needs to be cut at different heights. It is always suggested to adjust the wheel according to the recommended cutting height of the grass. You can call in our experts who would guide you for the same.

Step 5 – Begin Small

When you are finally mowing your lawn, you need to start slow and simple. The first time movers can follow the simple back and forth pattern until you don’t get enough experience to do advanced lawn cutting patterns. Also while mowing, make sure you overlap the rows slightly. Overlapping would result in less resistance and will prevent one from going back and mow the areas that might have been missed.

Step 6 – Tidy Up

Always tidy up after you finish mowing. You can use a rake to clean the lawn clipping and then empty your mower bag. You also need to clean your equipment. You need to remove all the debris that would have been accumulated under the mower and then clean it according to the instructions given in the manual.

Step 7 – Seek Expert Help

‘A well-designed garden is always a place of mystery, beauty and refreshment at the deepest level.’ – Elizabeth Goudge, novelist & social commentator.

At Clay fields, we providing the best gardening services including lawn mowing in Sandringham. Right from mowing, slashing and removing weed from your yard to completely rejuvenating your garden, we provide an array of services. Save time and connect with us for the best landscaper services in Sandringham. Call us on 0408 959 822.


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