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We are a professional horticultural consultant & landscape gardening & services company in Bayside.

Being self-employed – means clients are always dealing with the business owner.


We know what works & importantly what doesn’t.

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Owning a house is the Australian dream for many. But, with that dream, comes work…. a lot of work. There is some maintenance you have to do indoors to protect your investment, which has a big effect on you, such as flooring repairs or A/C maintenance. But it’s also important to note your home’s exterior, too. In reality, items like the gardens of your home and the maintenance of beds are just as important as your home’s interior. Although it is great for the eyes to have a beautiful yard, it is good to note that the gardens of your homes are not just for looks. It can also play an enormous role in in

Fine commercial landscape gardening will make a difference for your employees or for your clients. This will raise the appeal of the first impression and generate optimistic feelings. But all of this needs commercial landscape gardeners/horticulturists.

In this ultra-competitive market world within profit margins, both small and large
businesses should take any possible advantage. Complete maintenance and garden rejuvenation services recognise the value of landscaping and gardening services: Clay FIelds Hort is specialise in creating beautiful settings that make first stellar impressions.

  1. Clay Fields Hort do local lawn mowing and gardening services in Mentone and other locations in Bayside (along with locations in the south-east and east) and other areas, such as slashing and weed removal –
    • our care, experience, and knowledge produce a high quality lawn appearance.
  2. Unsightly weeds in your lawn competing with your grass?
    • we will remove those by selective spraying or by hand.
  3. Lawn heavily overgrown?
    • we can slash back to a maintainable state
  1. Clay Fields Hort supply shrub moving/relocating and removing services in Hampton along with other Bayside suburbs –
    • our care, experience, and knowledge produce strong results which don’t impact other plants or underground services.
  2. Shrub in the wrong place or needed in another part of the garden?
    • we can move expertly –
    • so shrub not only survives but thrives in its new position.
  1. Clay Fields Hort have tree pruning and hedging services in bayside Hampton and other locations in Bayside (along with locations in the south-east and east)
    • we also mulch.
  2. Your shrub needs a tidy?
    • Your shrub needs shaping?
    • You were going to prune your shrub but it got away from you?
    • we can help – with our high-level urban horticulture qualification & broad experience
    • we will do a quality job
    • with techniques that are safe for the shrub’s health.
  1. Clay Fields Hort have a tree and shrub trimming and cutting service in Mordialloc and other Bayside locations (along with locations in the south-east and east).
    • Have a tree that has become too tall, unruly or canopy shading too much of your yard?
    • we can cut back, neaten & provide more sunlight for your garden:
    • we do shrubs and small height trees
    • our techniques emphasing safety & tree hygiene
    • larger trees we can refer you to trusted arborists.
  1. Your current set-up leaking or completely/partly blocked?
    • whether drip &/or micro-spray system, Clayfields Hort can replace or repair.
  2. Some or all of your micro-sprays (where applicable) not working properly?
    • we can fix the micro-sprays
  3. We can check out your irrigation controller/timer settings.
  1. Clay Fields Hort – amongst our services, are advisers on plants and soils advisors in Hampton and other Bayside locations (along with locations in the southeast and east).
  2. Have plants that are not thriving or do not seem suitable for the site and conditions?
    • it may be your plant’s not well or alas, not a good specimen
    • or plant selection
    • or the soil…

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